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touched by the paranormal ?

Please share your experiences, consider this a safe oasis where you can express yourself with out being judged, there is only two rule on this site, be respectful and be kind.

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To my knowledge, no 'hard' proof exists of the paranormal, yet my personal encounters have made me a believer. Let's suppose you see a black dog run by. "I saw a black dog!" You tell your friends, and they know you to be truthful and accurate in your report. Trouble is, THEY didn't see it, and you didn't know where it had run to or even seen a black dog again. Does that mean that dog never existed?
This group is to discuss personal experience and actual proof of the paranormal, the spirit, the unexplained and art related to these subjects. please feel free to contribute.
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Oct 28, 2013


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For me this is a moot question as I talk to them, see them, hear them, feel them - it's an all round spook fest in my life on a regular basis. You might think well that's ok for you cause you have your own proof but it wasn't always as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of inner work to come to terms with the fact that you're talking to the crossed over and not completely raving fooking bonkers!!

My first encounters with the paranormal were in childhood growing up in a haunted house which made my young life a living nightmare. I encountered spirits in a great many locations and it simply was not fun because, firstly - no one believed me, and secondly - no one believed me! The only time I got any kind of recognition from my family was when they liked the idea of it so when my Nana died, my mum loved to hear that she had visited me and looked very young and happy as for Casper shuffling up and down the stairs every night or across the carpet, well lets just say he was still off limits and didn't exist!

In my middle years when the babies were being born and the marriages were stretching my patience there was not a lot of paranormal activity around me - it seemed to shut down and go to sleep. I was still interested but the timing just wasn't right. It didn't stop me from formulating opinions on the paranormal though and I still had my instincts - Nana would breeze through every once in a while to let me know that she was still there but apart from that life was - well mediocre at best.

Things started to crank up just before we moved into a house we built. The house we were in was giving my youngest and me problems. I was having strange dreams about an alternate dimension and waking up feeling watched and my youngest was having to leap over what she said was a dead body in front of her bedroom door most days. We moved not long after this paranormal activity started into our beautiful new house and things really got crazy then. We had no clue what was going on either there was no apparent reason for this activity to start. But start it did, firstly we were getting spots of light on our ceiling - they would just appear. I investigated many times over and could not find the source of the lights. The large orbs of light soon were replaced by sheet of light coming down fro the ceiling in one particular spot. It was the weirdest thing I'd ever seen. It wasn't scary but I did feel like some kind of portal was opening up. I will never know if that theory is correct but this sheet floating down from the ceiling on a regular basis continued for months until it too became secondary to a new type of activity.

Firstly my youngest had gained a little friend, she was a lost sol looking for her mummy and we managed to get her to cross over. She'd been lost since the early 1900s just wandering looking for her mum after some type of car accident which killed them both. Then the shadow man moved in. At first he was just a slither of darkness. He reminded me of despair, that was the feeling I got from him. He would just walk down the hallway usually at night and I'd see him out the corner of my eye sometimes mistaking it for one of the kids. His persona gradually became more complete. After about a year of living in this new house my then husband discovered he had brain cancer. The spirits new he had cancer long beforehand as that was the only reason I could find for the paranormal activity which ratcheted up in intensity. Our shadow person became a full upper torso that would walk through the house during the day, computers would swi5ch on and off, tvs also, doors would open, pots and pans would rattle, we'd hear some one in the bathroom when no one was in there and things would sit on our bed, peer around corners at us and all bloody sorts - it was like a paranormal fairground. Grant's illness was I believe the cause.

I found that my psychic gifts also woke up more fully, they'd been sleeping for many years but now I was getting messages from passed loved ones. My youngest daughter was seeing my granddad sitting on our lounge we'd hear discarnate voices and when Grant became so ill he had to be permanently in hospital then the house was awash with spooks. It wasn't much fun bringing them home with us from the hospital either - my middle child was with me on many occasions and experienced that.

By the time Grant passed, I was getting visits from spirits randomly in advance of me meeting people to give them messages from their loved ones. It took some getting used to this new strange ability - I found I could call them for people too - that was a blast and it set me on the road to becoming a channelling medium - or spiritual translator.

It has become so prevalent in my life that I now do this work for a living. It is impossible to give solid evidence that proves the paranormal - it is coming though. I'll though a spanner in the works even more and tell you that the subject  of Aliens and the subject of Spirit is one and the same - they are not separate but that's another blog story.

Feel free to join me on my journey - I have a tumblr blog where you can read my channelings with historical figures and the odd alien, I have a group of facebook, and website. Whatever your interest whether it's to advance you abilities, read channelings or book a reading - please check me out :D

Facebook: Ailfinn - Medium and facebook page: Ascending the Path

Tumblr: channelings-by-ailfinn.tumblr.…

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